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Gift Card


If you want to surprise a friend or a family member (or several at once !!!) to buy their favorite work in MIRI G FINE ART by sending a Gift Card is an ideal way.


If you are a group, whether friends, family, or coworkers and you want to surprise someone special for his/her birthday, for retirement, or just because. We offer this service for free to do our bit to help.


Here are your options, you can click on the one you want to see how it works:


Individual Gift Card (for just for one person)


I want to divide my Gift Card between several people and that each one has its own


This option is ideal for special occasions like Christmas, friends who celebrate together their birthday party, the invisible friend. Finally, for those occasions when you have to buy gifts to several people practically on the same dates.


Collective Gift Card (for just one person)

After saving your customized Gift Card, do not forget to add it to cart. Allowed file types: GIF, JPG and PNG. 1 file per friend. Maximum size 5Mb/file.
If you want to attach other type file(s) to send to your friend(s) as a date to add it to his/her/their agenda, or an animated gif (possible extensions: ICS, XLSX, XLS, ODS, DOCX, DOCM, DOC, PDF, TXT, GIF, TIF, TIFF, or RTF) you should do so by sending an email to once the order is made, indicating your order reference and the email of your friend(s) to match them with the file(s) you send us, if there is more than one friend. 1 file per friend. Maximum size 5Mb/file.



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Gift Card

Gift Card

Gift Card: 50€, 100€, 500€ and 1.000€, and more.

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